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Do it Yourself Vs Professional Painting – Is One Better Than the Other?

Are you in need of painting? Do you have an interior or exterior painting project that needs to be finished? You can hire residential or commercial painters to get the job done for you.

Residential house painters generally specialize in residential projects such as: House painting or staining interior walls. Interior painting on brick, stone, concrete, timber, marble, glass, etc.

Before hiring a professional painter, find out what supplies and tools he or she will need to finish the job. Find out if the house painting will require a fresh coat of paint or if the job can be pre- painted. Pre-painted surfaces are easier to clean than a fresh coat of paint. Most importantly, ask the house painting company or professional painter to give you an estimate of time to complete the work.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a painter. Check out references and recommendations from people you know and trust. Ask the painter about the variety of painting techniques that they use. Also, check out their experience level.

The prep work involved in exterior painting is different from interior painting. The preparation involves preparing the house exteriors for the painting process. This includes: removing mottles, varnishes, waxes, and paints from your carport/garage, deck, siding, and exterior trim. Interior painting only involves applying paint and wiping it down for the easier jobs. Exterior painting must also be followed up with a topcoat primer.

Exterior painting costs per frame vary widely. The price includes the price of the prep materials plus the cost of the actual paint job plus any surface preparation. For an average home, the exterior painting costs per frame may range from two to three times the cost of the interior painting costs per frame. Some expensive surfaces include brick, concrete, and copper. For these surfaces, you can expect to pay up to four times more than you would for aluminum or vinyl.

One important factor that makes paint jobs for exterior house painting expensive is that there are many things that you have to do before the painting process starts. Among these things are: clean away old paint and remove trim. You will have to do at least some of this clean up yourself if you don’t want to hire a professional. After all, there are likely so many things in your house that aren’t easily washable like fiber glass, wood, stone, brick, stone, and concrete. There’s also a lot of trim to cut out so you’re probably going to need an assistant for this part of the project.

In addition to the exterior painting costs, you’ll still have to pay the painters who did the interior painting. The only difference is they won’t have to do the exterior painting because they already have that task accomplished. Hiring a professional painter will save you money on the interior painting but you have to factor in the time it takes them to do that job. A good way to save on this expense is to contract a painter to do both tasks. Many painters offer their clients a discount if the job is done by a team, instead of a single person.

Some people mistakenly think painting jobs can be done by one or two people but a group effort is usually the most cost effective. You’ll have a cheaper price for exterior and interior walls when you use more painters. This is because the painters will share the workload among themselves and finish faster.

When you hire a professional painter, make sure they provide the proper tools, materials, and training. If you plan to use tape, adhesive, stencils, paintbrushes, and paintbrushes that are not recommended for residential painting, you will be wasting time and money. These paints are not meant for interior or exterior use. Professional painters understand the dangers associated with using these paints on the interior walls of a home.

Although this can be a simple project that you could do on your own, it’s always a good idea to get a few bids from different contractors. Find out what they charge per room and then compare that to the total cost for the job. If you are planning to hire an interior designer to help you design your dream home, make sure he or she includes the cost of painting as part of the service package. This will help you save money on the total project. Now that you understand DIY vs. professional painting, you’ll have the knowledge to make an informed decision.